You can use the Star Citizen Referral Code above in your account creation process only, so take note ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU CAN'T ENTER A REFERRAL CODE ANYMORE AFTER CREATING YOUR ACCOUNT at the end you'll receive a nice boost of 5,000 UEC free credits worth $5 USD. Then you will be able to use this ingame to buy ship upgrades, weapons, armors, hangar decorations and more..

Limited-Time Offers [Updated When Available] :

22/04/2021 UPDATE : With the introduction of the Star Citizen 3.13 update a Free RSI Aurora ES Ship of a value of 20$ with LTI is given permanently to everyone that uses the provided referral code - offer last till the 17th of May 2021. [Promotion has ended but you still can earn your Free 5$/5000 UEC with the provided referral code]

17/12/2020 UPDATE : For every new backer to Star Citizen till the 11th of January 2021 a Drake Dragonfly with LTI (for in-game Life Time Insurance) with value of over 40$ will be awarded for your very own and for a lifetime to keep ! You can then use your DRAKE DRAGONFLY LTI for life or upgrade now or later to another ship and therefore benefit from a $40 discount and LTI.

RSI's Star Citizen is a multiplayer space sim MMORPG that put you in the middle of a vibrant galaxy and let you build a life in the stars where you can do pretty much everything in the year 2950, the game has a large scope from the ground to the skies with over 100 solar systems planned at launch and whether you're going to explore the hell out of the universe, taming the unlawfuls or becoming one of them as a pirate, climbing the economic ladder as a trader or cargo hauler, you will have a use for those bonus 5000 United Earth Credits with referral code : STAR-59PL-VGMF

Star Citizen is currently in open alpha that means this ambitious next-gen experience is still in active development but you can download and play it right now !

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Account Creation Link With Referral Code Included Download Star Citizen

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FOIP or Face Over IP is a technique/protocol that make transcribing your face from your webcam to your in-game character face in real-time just as if you were there only available in Star Citizen.

Become a backer and take part in ship and fps battles, be a mercenary or a bounty hunter and engage in tracking your target and transferring it to prison, mine and refine your ore at a refining station for more profit this along with the other activities such as the ones already mentioned up top, smuggling, medical gameplay, engineering and even journalism. Using the special 64 bits floating points coordinates implemented in the game engine you can explore planets, moons or asteroid fields, space stations, ancient lost wrecks and more seamlessly without interruption or loading screens all in real-time, it's here in the Persistent Universe that you'll start to see the true promise of Star Citizen.

Adding to the glimpses of the unique features in Star Citizen, Fire propagation in ships as an example take into account wind strength and rotation, oxygen levels, convection and material type, Ship thrusters create wind volumes when in use that will interact and blow away physics based objects, ships, and players. Lowering your ship's heat signature by going into the gas clouds and hiding within big capital ships own signatures waiting for the perfect moment to launch your surprise ambush and shocking your foes with the unsuspected numbers ! These many little details, more advanced physics and such add so much more to the experience ! so what are you waiting for ? it's just a few clicks away to start discovering the promise and potential of Star Citizen and don't forget to take advantage of those 5$/5000UEC free credits with Star Citizen code STAR-59PL-VGMF as BE WARNED YOU WON'T HAVE ANY OTHER CHANCE PAST THE ACCOUNT CREATION PROCESS.

See you in the verse !

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Need a more detailed tutorial on how to register, where to enter the referral code and where to buy/download the game ?

You’ll find all you need and more here at our star citizen download & starter guide , you can also check out our page showcasing our analysis about the topic of the best fighter ship in star citizen (no it's not the super hornet ship you see in the picture above or the vanguard warden) because yes let's face it fighting is of utmost importance in the game and many people are often confused on what to choose and pick between the armada of fighter ships there is.