RSI's Star Citizen Download and Starter guide with a bonus of 5$/5000 UEC and a veteran recommandations on your game package choice


Welcome intrepid adventurer to star citizen ! you're about to embark on the journey of a lifetime experiencing the white-knuckle thrill of space combat, discovering the majesty of alien worlds, interacting with fascinating characters and building a life in the 30th century. but you don't have to do it alone or search over all the places, here you'll find everything you'll need to successfully start your travels in the verse, play with this guide and be connected with veteran star citizen players who can show you the ropes !

What Is The Economic Model of Star Citizen ?

Star Citizen is a pay-to-own game. It's free once you've purchased the game, but requires game ownership outside of the rare Free Fly weeks.

A single purchase of $45 (or $65 if you get the recommended Squadron42 Combo pack) will get you permanent access to the MMO game with no subscription fees or paywalls

1. Account Creation and Enlisting in Star Citizen

First things First, is registering an account using this link (come prefilled with a referral code) or you can type the following star citizen referral code manually : STAR-59PL-VGMF for the added 5000 UEC Bonus that comes with it [Take into account that you'll be able to enter the referral code and thus getting the 5$/5000 uec bonus only during the account creation process]

On account name enter an account name, choose wisely as this will be your handle by which other players and members of the community will identify you both on the website and in-game

Next, enter your preferred email address

Now enter a password to keep your account secure, I could go on about what might make a good password but let's assume this isn't your first password rodeo and see that little meter right there ? well that'll tell you how strong your password is so I don't have to, whatever you choose keep it secret keep it safe

Okay now enter your date of birth

Then enter your referral code [ STAR-59PL-VGMF ], while that is optional you'll lose out on your 5$/5000 UEC Bonus reward with no possibility to enter it after as be warned no matter what you can't apply or enter your referral code once your account has been created. If you don't seize and secure this opportunity now you can't do it later on

You have the possibility to sign up for the regular newsletter which will keep you in the loop about upcoming releases and promotions

Finally you must agree to the terms of service and privacy policy, once done it's time to click on enlist and voila ! congratulations you did it you've signed up !

star citizen referral code

2. Buying a Game Package

you can now head over to the pledge store to get yourself a game package before downloading the game and taking it to the skies !

So our second step is to choose and buy a game package

What Is The Cheapest Game Package for Star Citizen ?

The cheapest game package is the Mustang alpha game or RSI Aurora MR package for $45:

rsi cheapest packages

Mustang package without SQ42 ($45)

Buyer Recommendation


Although you can buy Squadron42 separately later on i recommend buying Squadron42 along with Star Citizen for the substantial discount you can get from the combo pack:

star citizen combo pack

Mustang package with SQ42 ($65)

Squadron42 is a singleplayer/coop campaign that hasn't been released yet but will be extremely fun and will have benefits for the MMO game upon completion (check out our best fighter ship in Star Citizen section to know more).

Always buy the Mustang Alpha package instead of the Aurora MR package because the Mustang is worth $5 more in the upgrade interface and thus you can upgrade to the best Aurora - the Aurora LN - (or the avenger titan or any other ship) - for $5 less.

Once it's done we naturally move into our third step which is no more than downloading the game itself !

3. Star Citizen Download

As simple and straightforward as it is, the game can be downloaded and then installed following this link

You'll download a launcher, upon completion, install the launcher and from there, launch the RSI Launcher, enter your account credentials when asked to, and then let it download and install the game for you :)

First Session Advice for New Players

Here's our usual first session advice for new players:

Although you can jump right into the PU if you wish to (The Persistent Universe or PU in short is the Star Citizen game mode that is essentially the heart of the game or a combination of all the modules, it is the full MMO experience), you might want to test the game out a bit first

A good place to start is "Free Flight" mode in Arena Commander - you can test your keybindings and learn how to fly or even get out of your ship and walk around on the landing pads.
Main Menu -> Arena Commander -> Singleplayer -> Free Flight

if you wish to change your keybindings, you can do so from:
Options -> Keybindings -> Advanced Control Customization

Vanduul Swarm and Pirate Swarm are a couple of player vs AI modes in Arena Commander and are a good way to get some combat practice.
Main Menu -> Arena Commander -> Singleplayer -> Vanduul Swarm

Most of the gameplay content is found in the "Persistent Universe" (PU). I recommend doing the "P.I. Wanted" mission first from the Personal Missions tab of the Contract Manager in your Mobiglass (F1)

(Note that the P.I.Wanted mission only appears near Port Olisar or Grim Hex in orbit of Crusader)

For getting out of the starting areas (included in the New Players articles linked below):

Lorville :

Area18 :

New Babbage :

Star Citizen Registration and Quick Start Up Video Guide For those that like the Audio-Visual Format

Official Videos Tutorials:
(Watch tab -> Choose videos from the playlist)